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Water Treatment

For concepts of water supply, we give priority to sustainable Energy Re-Use and recycling with regard to industrial consumption. For the supply of drinking water, we develop centralized as well as de-centralized treatment concepts, with the overall aim to maintain a secure supply, regardless of the variety of available raw water sources.

Equal whether the available raw water resources are:

  • Surface water with a more or less strong human impact and natural influences,
  • Ground- or spring water with a geogenic character and maybe agricultural influences or
  • Seawater

we will consider your overall treatment objective with all its requirements. This analysis will lead to specific treatment solutions guaranteeing a steady state drinking-water of the required quality and ensuring a continuous supply.


  • Tailor-made solutions for individual demands in regards to the environment or infrastructure, i.e. watershortage
  • Potable water in highest standards
  • Project refurbishment under full operation

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