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Overview / History

Passavant has always been a name synonymous with excellence of execution through innovation.

Established in 1842 in Germany, Passavant Energy & Environment (formerly Passavant-Roediger) developed groundbreaking technologies and processes in municipal wastewater, sludge, water and industrial wastewater treatment, including the company’s in-house world renowned sludge digestion technology. A Lamella separator technology a state- of-the-art four stage process used for water treatment.

Today, Passavant Energy & Environment’s (PE&E) steady growth and the establishment of various subsidiaries in Europe, MENA and Asia open a gate to establish and acquire businesses in new markets. Winning awards for projects world-wide, including, but not limited to North Africa, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Lebanon, Turkey, Europe and Asia, including China and Vietnam amounting to 500 million Euros. In September 2013 moved its offices to Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Being close to of the biggest airports in Europe therefore enables us to be closer to our clients and cooperate with global talents.

Always visualizing, the company strived from its roots in environmental preservation further to encompass Energy Re-Use, in addition to Water Re-Use; thereby dually focusing on both of the globally limited resources simultaneously. PE&E’s portfolio includes more than only Green Energy solutions but elevating its project delivery from full turnkey EPC contracts to holistic solutions for Water and Energy Re-Use. Passavant Energy & Environment’s paradigm shift in solution provision is well-defined as a comprehensive benefit: PE&E is a complete solution provider and encompasses EPC contracting, Operation&Maintenance service provision, financing, as required by the client but under the umbrella of a complete water and energy resource optimization scheme.

PE&E is 100% owned and the subsidiary of Drake&Scull International PJSC. 

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